Railway Measurement Systems

Railway Measurement Systems

A high-precision track requires a powerful railway measurement system, which is why we offer this solution.

Messsystem Mephisto

With ground-breaking innovations in measuring technology, at Sersa we set new standards for systematic track and switch maintenance. Our systems are not only in-house developments, but we produce and overhaul them, too. Our railway measuring systems are specially adapted to the complex requirements of state-of-the-art levelling, straightening, and tamping machines, and are by now standard with many manufacturers.

What we can do for you:

  • Production and maintenance of in-house developed measuring systems for normal and metre gauges
  • Adapting to customer-specific areas of application
  • The most important measuring systems:


MEPHISTO: all weather, non-contact measurement of fixed points, clearance gauge and catenary system

PALAS: absolute and continuous real-time measuring systems, typically integrated in tamping machines as guiding systems, used in Switzerland, France, Italy and Great Britain.



Efficient measuring systems adapted to customer requirements
Measurements can be carried out in combination with other work processes (e.g. tamping).

PALAS System

Sets new standards in continuous track measurement:

  • Internationally used system for the continuous guidance of track-laying machines.
  • Permanent comparison of the actual position with the nominal position of the track axis during work (separate blocking pauses are no longer necessary).
  • Guides the machine precisely based on the specified geometry.

MEPHISTO Track Measurement System

Suitable for profile, contact wire, fixed point, and over height measurement.

  • Suitable for standard and metre gauges as well as other gauges
  • Dismountable and stowable in transport cases
  • Data transmission with radio e.g. directly to PALAS
  • Can be operated by just one person


MEPHISTO is distributed by GEISMAR Gleisbaumaschinen GmbH.


PALAS is distributed by Sersa Maschinenller Gleisbau AG or MATISA Matériel Industriel S.A. depending on the location (country).