Track welding

Implementation of rail welding categories in the mobile sector normal and narrow gauge.


What we can do for you:

  • Aluminothermic percussion welding
  • Welding of turnout components using the E (arc welding)- and MF process
  • Electric rail joint welding in the E (arc welding) - and MF process
  • Flash impact welding
  • Bonded rail joints
  • Acceptance of rail joints with electronic ruler
  • Production of length change of rails by means of heat pipes, heat carriages and cold drawing machines
  • Site management to carry out the tension equalisation of continuous tracks and points in accordance with guideline 826.1030
  • Bending of switch tongues and rails thermally and mechanically with a bending device
  • Advice on the technical welding processing of superstructure materials

Customer Benefits:

  • Extension of rail service life
  • Ensuring the safe operation of railways
  • Care of rolling material
  • Higher speeds and tonnages
  • Reduction in noise generation