Crane Runways and Customised Solutions

We will implement the most suitable crane runway system for you - continuous or discontinuous storage - as well as customised solutions, depending on your requirements.

Industrial track construction - crane runway
Crane runway - discontinuous storage - single support points

We have been a reliable partner for industrial companies, operators of high-bay warehouses and transfer facilities as well as for the design, construction, maintenance and servicing of crane runway systems and customised solutions for many years.

We would be pleased to offer you a complete service or just individual modules from our range of services.

What we can do for you:

  • Delivery of crane runway rails
  • Supply of mounting systems
  • Assembly of crane runways
  • Renovation of crane runways
  • Rail joint welding
  • Grinding of crane rails
  • High-precision measurement of crane runways
  • Customised solutions (e.g. measuring tracks and tracks in special track widths)