Betriebshof Trachenberge: Ausbau 2017

Trachenberge Depot Extension 2017

Track and earthworks, civil engineering, structural engineering

Trachtenberge Depot: Extension 2017


Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG

Location: Dresden, Germany
Project time:

09/2017 - 03/2018

Executing companies:     Sersa GmbH (in consortium)
Project volume:

Consortium contract 1.8 Mil EUR
Sersa GmbH share 570,000 EUR


Project Description

The present planning represents a further stage of the final expansion which was approved in 2009. It includes the realignment of tracks 21 to 26 with adaptation to the bypass track east of the depot. The track systems will be fundamentally extended, the overhead contact line system existing depot regime as well as a new one will be renewed and the drainage, traction current, signalling, switch control, switch heating, low voltage and lightning protection systems will be adapted. Furthermore, the employee car park on Heidestrasse, including the access road will be overhauled.

Project Content

  • Measures for construction site setup / safety
  • Traffic management during the construction period
  • Marking works
  • Surveying services
  • Earthworks, track and road works
  • Construction of drainage and infiltration systems
  • Well construction including foundation engineering
  • Civil engineering works for traction current, communication, switch, low voltage, medium voltage and lightning protection systems
  • Civil engineering works for catenary masts
  • Civil engineering works for DREWAG Netz communication systems
  • Civil engineering works for medium voltage systems of the DREWAG Netz
  • Demolition work, building sealing
  • Dismantling / assembly implementation of room container
  • Felling of trees
  • Greening works
  • Fence construction works
  • Coordination of lot 2 overhead contact line, lot 3 equipment DVB AG and lot 4 equipment DREWAG

Services Rhomberg Sersa Deutschland GmbH

  • Track surveying and stake-out
  • Renewal of 540 m single track slab track Rheda-City, type DVB
  • Renewal of 450 m grooved rail systems Rheda-City slab track, type DVB
  • Superstructure welding
  • Track insulation