Dresden: Postplatz / Wilsdruffer Straße

Dresden: Postplatz / Wilsdruff Street

Ongoing maintenance work 2019

Projekt Postplatz_Wilsdruffer Straße

Ongoing maintenance work 2019 Postplatz / Wilsdruff Street


Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG

Location: Dresden, Germany
Project time: 07-08/2019
Executing companies: Rhomberg Sersa Deutschland GmbH, Niederlassung Ost
Contract value: 120,000,- EUR

Project Description

In Dresden's central hub, two pairs of switches at the Postplatz needed replacing due to wear and tear. The scope of the work included the removal of the overhead line as well as the dismantling and new construction of the road covering, the track systems, switch control, switch heating and drainage systems.

Project Content

  • Coordination of various trades and other third parties,
  • Measures for site installation and subsequent clearance,
  • Construction site safety,
  • Coordination of traffic,
  • Surveying services,
  • Marking works,
  • Demolition works,
  • Superstructure welding,
  • Deconstruction and new construction of drainage systems,
  • Civil engineering works for traction current, communication, switch, low voltage, medium voltage and lightening protection systems,
  • Installation of new granite cobblestones monolithic, including jointing works,
  • Production of bituminous joints on rails,
  • Waste disposal services.

Services Rhomberg Sersa Deutschland GmbH

  • Cutting plaster,
  • Ceiling break-up Monolith paving (~ 65 m²),
  • Replacement of 2 switchgears on slab track system Rheda City, incl. connection work,
  • Dismantling and construction 3 connections switch drainage boxes.

External service:

  • Blasting work on concrete base plate,
  • Installation of new granite cobblestones monolithic (~ 65 m²), including grouting work,
  • Production of bituminous joints on rails,
  • Welding (12 pcs MF welds),
  • Reconstruction and new construction of all electrical feeder systems of the switch control and heating system.