“Saving Time and Costs”

“Saving Time and Costs”

Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, as part of a "Rail Partnership Model," is executing the Gäu Railway Expansion North.

Stuttgart/Bregenz/Zurich, December 15, 2023 – The Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group (RSRG) is taking on the first major project of Deutsche Bahn, executed under the "Rail Partnership Model." As part of the joint venture "Joint Venture VP5 Gäubahn" with Swietelsky, the Austrian-Swiss comprehensive rail technology provider is now responsible for the track superstructure and power supply of the Gäubahn line between Stuttgart Airport and Böblingen. RSRG was the chosen partner during the premiere of this contractual model at the "New Works Cottbus" (NWC). "We are extremely proud of this," expresses Robert Kumpusch, Managing Director for the project business of the rail technology group. "It not only validates our competencies in railway construction and equipping demanding railway lines but also demonstrates our successful work in Cottbus."

The Pfaffensteig Tunnel will upgrade the international Zurich-Stuttgart railway line to accommodate the 'Deutschland-Takt'. The northern section of the Gäubahn expansion connects to the east of Stuttgart Airport's long-distance train station and ends in the west at Böblingen on the existing Gäubahn route.

Scope of RSRG's Contract

Under the track superstructure scope, the "Joint Venture VP5 Gäubahn" is responsible for laying the slab track system in the dual-track, approximately eleven-kilometer-long Pfaffensteig Tunnel, along with the ballasted track on the open route and the Mönchsbrunn junction. Additionally, six switches will be constructed. Regarding power supply, the contract encompasses installing 50 Hz systems in the tunnel and on the open route, cable trenching, ventilation for connecting structures, constructing transformer stations, switch heating systems, concrete switching houses, noise barriers, and platform adjustments at Böblingen-Goldberg station. The primary goal of the alliance is to submit the documentation for the approval process of the Pfaffensteig Tunnel to the Federal Railway Authority as early as April next year.

Stuttgart Leading the Way

In pursuit of this, the project leaders, for the first time in a major project, are employing the "Rail Partnership Model." The concept behind this initiative is to bring together key project partners during the planning phase to efficiently execute extensive and complex large-scale projects, ensuring speed, high quality, cost-effectiveness, and adherence to deadlines. Through early involvement, all participating companies can focus their full capacity for performance and innovation on optimizing, swiftly implementing, and efficiently operating the construction project.