KASIG City Rail Tunnel – Infrastructure and Handrail

KASIG City Rail Tunnel

Infrastructure and Handrail

10 medium-voltage systems, 10 transformers, ca. 800 lights, ca. 8 km of cable trays, ca. 60 stand distributors, ca. 100 km of cabling and almost 6.000 metres of handrail are realised by Rhomberg Bahntechnik.

Also part of the infrastructure are seven underground stops. The platform is divided into an 80 m long section for barrier-free access to low-floor trains and a 15 m long section for barrier-free access to the first two doors of medium-floor trains on dual-system lines; there is a 5 m long ramp in between.

The stops are thus designed for up to 75 m long double traction units according to BOStrab (Tram Construction and Operation Ordinance). Most of the stops have one platform level and one intermediate level. One elevator per platform ensures barrier-free accessibility.

It is assumed that a total connected load of approx. 2,500 kVA will be required for the power supply of the light rail tunnel.

This required power is provided by the power supply company of the city of Karlsruhe from two existing 20 kV networks at two different points of the tunnel structure. The 20 kV transfer stations required for this are located at the "Durlacher Tor" and "Europaplatz" stops.

One of the special features is that the two medium-voltage networks are fed by separate 110 kV high-voltage networks, thus meeting the requirements for a "specially secured network".

For this purpose, two parallel medium-voltage systems are being set up so that in the event of an accident they can continue to be operated from the other transfer station.

A safety lighting system was installed in the station building.

An additional hurdle was the water pipe burst on 24.06.2020 at the tunnel section of the underground stops Europaplatz and Lammstraße requiring the installation of a new power supply system for the overhead line.

The newly constructed light rail tunnels were equipped with a total of 5,760 running meters of LED-handrail "handraiLIT" for tunnel safety lighting.

Additional joint lights were planned, supplied and installed at the underground stops for orientation lighting. For visual enhancement, the joints were provided with specially manufactured decorative profiles.