Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group wants to get EuroTube on track.

Full-service rail technology provider enters partnership with non-profit research organisation from Zurich.

Bregenz/Zurich, 9. December 2020 - The internationally operating rail technology company Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group (RSRG) gets on board the EuroTube: Garry Thür, CTO of RSRG, has signed the corresponding partnership agreement together with Doré de Morsier, Founder and Director of EuroTube. The aim of the collaboration is to develop possibilities for a sustainable high-speed transport system through basic research and prototype development. "By accurately optimising our slab track technology, we are literally planning to create the basis for this future project", Thür emphasises.

Concrete is the material of choice. As with the vacuum tube through which the EuroTube will eventually travel, the partners are relying on the robust construction material of sand, water and cement for the rail infrastructure. "The stability of concrete makes the slab track extremely durable and resilient, which makes starting and accelerating to speeds of up to 1,000 km/h possible in the first place," Thür is convinced. Whereby the tests with slab track will only be a first step: "We will proceed step-by-step and test all practicable possibilities with our partners from industry and science with all components of the EuroTube technology such as tubes, rails, capsules, drive, stabilisation and braking systems, " de Morsier explains.

In the next step, the research facility plans to build a three-kilometre test track in Collombey-Muraz in the Swiss canton of Valais. This will enable the growing number of developers and industrial partners to test their prototypes one-to-one. "It is particularly important for us to create a slab track system that not only functions under test conditions, but is also freely scalable and applicable to all future track lengths and types of use," emphasizes Thür.